I Decide to Get Invisaligns

I wore braces as a teen. Not plastic braces, like the Invisaligns we’ll eventually talk about. No, these were real braces – railroad tracks, they called them. I still remember those braces – the pain of those braces – as palpably as if it were last month, even though it was really decades ago.

One thing in particular I remember is how the extension loop right at the front of my lower teeth – picture a U made of wire pointing down – burrowed into the soft flesh below my lower lip, and made itself a sheath out of that flesh. Whenever I opened and closed my mouth, the wire would slip in and out of the hole it had made in that tender flesh.


Now, my teeth were nice and straight when those braces came off. But, I’d had to have my braces off early, as I enlisted in the Army and you aren’t allowed to wear braces in basic training (and rightly so, as a smack in mouth while doing the run-dodge-and-jump could necessitate a trip to the infirmary). Oh sure, I did have a retainer, but that got lost in the mess hall when I accidentally left it on my meal tray, and it wasn’t like the Army had their own orthodontists, nor were they about to excuse me from basic training so that I could fly home to get a new retainer made.

So, over the years, my teeth shifted back towards their original state of being crowded. Not nearly as bad as before I wore those braces, but not nice and straight, either.


Why I decided to get Invisalign braces

So, I had contemplated my no-longer-nicely-straight teeth now and then, and had thought “Braces? Naah, not worth the hassle, but it sure would be nice to have my teeth straight again.”

You see, I did want my teeth to be straight, but in the cost:benefit:hassle analysis, I didn’t want it badly enough that I was willing to subject myself to the agony and hassle of traditional metal braces.

Then, a few years ago, a friend of mine was invited to try out this new technology called Invisalign. We were living in California, right in the new Invisalign company’s back yard, and her dentist was one of the dentists who was trying out these new-fangled plastic braces for their patients.

She loved them. I couldn’t even tell she had them on, until she pointed them out to me.

Recently, thinking about my unstraight teeth again, I remembered about her Invisalign experience. I called her, and asked her if she still loved the technology, the experience, and the results. And she raved.

That was when I decided that I was going to see if I qualified for Invisaligns.

And guess what! I did, and I do, and I did – and that’s what the rest of these posts will be about.